The College has an in built mechanism to check the work efficiency of the non-teaching staff. The various administrative and academic duties are carried out as per the defined directions, power and responsibilities administered by the Management of Dnyanopasak Shikshan Mandal.  The various authorities in the institution carry out their obligations as per the Act, Governments Statues and Ordinances.

The Registrar and Office Superintendent monitor the functioning of the office staff.  The overall monitoring is carried out by the Principal.

The Office staff serves the needs of students, teachers, administrators and researchers in the field of education and research. The Office of Dnyanopasak Shikshan Mandal’s College of Arts, Commerce and Science, Parbhani is plays a very effective role by providing various services and facilities to the students and the academic staff of the college to enrich the academic atmosphere on the college campus.

Besides, College authorities are also taking keen interest in the development of the office by providing adequate funds, infrastructure and other facilities.

The Registrar and Office Superintendent monitor the functioning of the office staff.  The overall monitoring is carried out by the Principal.  The chart indicates the system of office administration.

Highlights of Office

  1. Computerization of Accounts and Salary of the staff.

  2. Using Office Managment Software for student's record.

  3. Uses Tally and Ex softwares of accounting of the College.

  4. Issue documents to the students in same day.

Aims & Objective of Office

  1. To provide services to the students

  2. To provide services to the teaching staff

  3. To maintain up-to-date service books of all the staff.

  4. To serve in maintaining cleanliless of the College campus

  5. To keep the college record up to date

Present Status of the Office

Staff position :

1. Registrar                   : 01
2. Office Suptd.           : 01
3. Stenograher (LG)  : 01
4. Head Clerk               : 01
5. Senior Clerks           : 02
6. Junior Clerks           : 06
7. Peons                           : 10

Sections of the Office :

1) Accounts Section 
2) Establishment Section 
3) Cash Exchange Section 
4) U.G. Section 
5) P.G. Section 
6) Scholarship Section 
7) Junior College Section 
8) Inward/Outward Section 

Working of Sections

1) Accounts Section :
The Account section maintains all type of accounts up-to-date. It prepare salary bills of all staff, the section issues salary certificates, claims medical reimbursement bills, G.P.F. propsoasal to the concern authroty for sanction. Prepare budget of the college. 

2) Establishment Section :
This section keeps service books up-to-date of all the staff. Maintain correspondance with the affiliating University, Joint Direcotor's office, Director Higher Education, Pune, UGC and others. 

3) Cash Exchange Section :
The cash section maintains daily cash collection record of the College. Issues computerized receipts to the students.

4) U.G. Section :
The U.G. section provides services to the students of B.A., B.Com., B.Sc., B.C.S., B.C.A. regarding their Examinations work, Eligibility, admissions. Issues bonafide certificates, T.C., their grivances and revaluation etc.

5) P.G. Section :
The P.G. section provides services to the students of M.A., M.Com., M.Sc., regarding their Examinations work, Eligibility, admissions. Issues bonafide certificates, T.C., Migration certificates and their grivances, revaluation etc.

6) Scholarship Section :
The Scholarship Section provide services to the Junior, Undergraduate, Post-graduate and Ph.D. students regarding their various scholarships such as Government India scholarships, Minority Scholarships, Rajarshri Shahu Scholarships, Eklavya Scholarship, Merit Scholarship etc.

7) Junior College Section :
This section attempts all the work of XI and XII class students. Such as admissions, examination, issue bonafide certificates, T.C., and all correspondance of junior college.

8)Inward/Outward Section :
This section keep record of all the documents incoming and out going in the outward and inward registers and distribute it as per endorsement to the concerned sections for onward process. This section also maintain the record of all type of leaves of the staff members.


Office Hours

  • Monday to Saturday: 10:30 A.M. To 05:30 P.M.

  • The Office remains closed on Second Saturday, Fourth Saturday and on Public Holidays. 

Computerization of Office

The computerization of Office is completed partially. The Office is using Software namely “Office Management” , Tally, Ex, etc.

Office Staff







Shri Menkudle S.M.




Shri Shinde R.N.

Office Suptd.



Shri Kamble S.S.





Head Clerk



Shri Khodke D.P.

Sr. Clerk



Shri Charan D.P.

Sr. Clerk



Shri Khillare S.L.

Jr. Clerk



Shri Wable B.S.

Jr. Clerk



Shri Sawant G.T.

Jr. Clerk



Shri Ghuge U.L.

Jr. Clerk


11 Shri Parve S.D.  Jr. Clerk  H.S.C.  


Shri Garudi H.S.



Shri Jadhav G.D.



Shri Bhosle P.N.


Future Plans

1.To develop fully office automization of the Office.
2.To provide services to the students to their utmost satisfaction.
3.To take efforts to maintain filing system up-to-date.
4.To take efforts to enrich the professional development of the staff by giving training to them.


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