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Promotion of Research:

For promotion of research on the campus the institution has taken due care to establish and monitor research activities on the campus which is headed by a senior faculty as Research Committee Co-ordinator so the sole interest is to promote and facilitate any of the research activity on the campus by students and faculties. The aims and objectives of the research committee are to identify research talent and induce this activity in him in addition to teaching and learning on the campus. The Committee generally meets four times in a year and advises potential faculty member to augment funds to carry out research projects emerging from local and surrounding area which not only helps them to upgrade and update their knowledge but also provides guidelines to the local administration in addressing the concerns of the problems. The committee takes decision and communicates to the Principal for its follow up action to implement its important decision by the administration. It has taken decision to submit minor/major research projects by faculty and get recognition of potential research guide and get recognized eligible and competent departments as Research Centre. It also suggest to implement major changes in research area in awarding screened Ph.D. as per UGC guidelines and accordingly course work was implemented and conducted. Composition of the Research Committee and its members are as follows-

1) Dr. V.L. Surywanshi Co-ordinator
2) Dr. M.N. Sondge, Member
3) Dr. W.N. Jadhav Member
4) Dr. Hameedulla Khan Member

As the institution is pioneering in research area, it has developed all constituents in the institution to take on any challenges in this area. The institution has got 13 departments recognized as research centres namely 1) Chemistry, 2) Microbiology, 3) Botany, 4) Zoology, 5) Geology, 6) Computer Science, 7) Economics, 8) Sociology, 9) Political Science, 10) English, 11) Hindi, 12) Urdu, 13) Commerce and Management. To these research centers there are 29 research guides from the institution and 18 research guides from surrounding institutions have been associated with it. These research guides are also recognized to various other universities to guide the M.Phil. and Ph.D. programmes on their Universities. Two teacher follow have been working in the department of Botany and Sociology and about 205 students have registered their names as research scholars as full time or part time in these research centres under the guidance of research guides in the institutions. So far 54 research scholars have successfully completed their research work and have been awarded Ph.D. degree by the SRTMU Nanded. We feel, according to our opinion the major achievement during last five years is up-gradation and updation of faculty members of institution on par with their international peers which has resulted in visiting 7 of faculty members of this institution who have been invited by foreign Universities to present their research papers in their Universities.

Research facilities developed on the campus:

The institution has initially developed basic research facilities on the campus by equipping laboratories with the required instruments making Wi-Fi facilities available on the campus. Providing lease-line internet connectivity to all research centres asking potential and qualified teachers to get recognized as Guide from various Universities which facilitates the attraction to the research students as research scholars. We are very proud to say two foreign students have registered their names at research centres under supervision of the faculty of the College e.g. Computer Science and English each. UGC and other funding agencies has also lend its helping hands by graciously sanctioning funds to strengthen research facilities and research centres of the institution which has made strong and healthy research atmosphere on the campus not only for the students of this research centre but also students of other research centre for carrying out estimation and analysis on the instruments available on research centres such as I.R., Rota Evaporator, PCR Thermo-cycler, Bio-Photometer, Bioreactor, Environmental shaker, Cooling Centrifuge, Phase Contrast Microscope etc. which have made institution to play the dominant role to strengthen research ambiance not only in institution but also in surrounding area which reflects in the action of 18 research guides getting associated with research centers.

Departments recognized as research centres and Faculty recognized as research guides & associated research guides:

The details of the department recognized as research centre and faculty recognized as research guide under their department is as follows :


Dept. recognized as Research Centre

Faculty recognized as Research Guide

Other Associated guides



1. Dr. Jadhav W.N.
2. Dr. Bhusare S. R.
3. Dr. Khade B.C.
4. Dr. Smt. Tathe S.B.

1. Dr. Patil B. R.
2. Dr. Pawar R.P.



1. Dr. Wakte P. S.
2. Dr. Manwar A.V.



1. Dr. Tawar A.T.

1. Dr. Shinde B.K.
2. Dr. Munde T.V.
3. Dr. Mundhe N.N.
4. Dr. Patil K.K.
5. Dr. Siral T.G.
6. Dr. Sable M.S.
7. Dr. Pate



1 Dr. Suryawanshi V.L.

1. Dr. Shinde P.M.


Political Science

1. Dr. Kamble R.S.
2. Dr. Shinde S.V.

1. Dr. kulkarni Sharad
2. Dr. Kadam S.M.

3. Dr. Khadsey Y.U.

4. Dr. Bhagwat D. R.



1. Dr. Hallale B.V.
2. Dr. Biradar S.D.
3. Dr. Karepa B.M.

1. Dr. kadam A.S.



1. Dr. Jonndhale A.N.
2. Dr. Ibatwar D.T.

1. Dr. Sadawarte S.L.
2. Dr. Kshirsagar V.D.

3. Dr. Shelke S.D.

4. Dr. Sontake A.



Dr. Hamidullah Khan



1. Dr. Sondge M.N.
2. Dr. Harkal P.Y.
3. Dr. Shrirame A.H.


Computer Science

1. Dr. Khanale P.B.
2. Dr Jadhav A.E.



1. Dr. Joshi P.K.
2. Dr. Pawar S.B.

1. Dr. Chavan S.P.
2. Dr. Surve S.K.



1. Dr. Gangane A.S.
2. Dr. Jadhav B.S.

1. Dr. Satpute V.D.



1. Dr. Muley R.B.
2. Dr. Shaikh Md. Babar


Public Admin.

1. Dr. Ingle U.L.



1. Dr. Shinde A.D.

1) Number of Guides from the Centre  : 29
2) Number of associated Guides          : 22
Total Guides                                      : 51

Research Scholars :

Sr. No. Name of Research Centre No. of Students Registered No. of Students Ph.D. Awarded No. of Students Ph.D thesis submitted
1 Chemistry 24 06 03
2 Botany 16 13 0
3 Zoology 11 05 01
4 Microbiology 07 02 02
5 Economics 46 18 03
6 Sociology 12 04 01
7 Hindi 10 06 01
8 Urdu 04 0 0
9 Political Science 35 0 0
10 English 14 0 0
11 Geology 04 0 02
12 Computer Science 09 0 0
13 Commerce 13 0 0
  Total 205 54 13

There are some Ph.D. research scholars to have been funded for their research proposal by various funding agencies as given below :
1 ) Rajiv Gandhi Fellowship
2) Teacher Fellowship
3) Majar Research Project Fellow

There are few PG students who have been funded for their project by the college under the Major/Minor Research Projects.

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