Introduction :

       ‘Statistics is a part of all sciences’. In ancient times the scope of statistics was primarily limited to keeping the records of the population in regard to vital events.

        Presently, the government collected statistics for administrative purposes and such statistics was regarded as ‘the science of kings’.

         The study of statistics is essential to human being for effective citizenship the real purpose of statistical method is to make sense out of facts and figure to prove the unknown. Statistics is a fundamental activity of mankind.

          “Science without statistics bears no fruit, statistics without science has no root".  Statistics is a comprehensive science and closely related to all sciences. Statistics are like clay of which you can make God or Devil as you please. 

Establishment of Department :

          Statistics, as a subject has been now introduced at all level of education in India and elsewhere since Dnyanopasak Shikshan  Mandal introduced statistics as one of the optional subject at undergraduate level on non-grant basis in year 1988. The department was having just three students.  Dr. P. L. More and Shri S.V. Palkar was the taking care of statistics department, from the year 1989 Shri Bable B.L. is working as head of the department.    

Strong points of the Department :


1] To popularize and propogate statistics in young minds.

2] To create statistical thinking.

3] To develop scientific attitude.

4] To handle present situation properly.

5] To enforce discipline, regularity and hardworking.

6] To generate quality man power.

7] To face any future challenge of life.

 8] To provide decision making ability.

9] To above all, to make good citizen.

Courses offered (with the intake capacity) :

Sr. No.

Name of the Course


Intake Capacity



3 years


Admission/Eligibility/Criteria/Procedure  :

  1. for UG : First come first serve basis

Laboratory Facilities :

         Yes, to do practical experiments.

Any other Facilities :


Faculty :


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Total enrolment for Ph.D.

Dr. B.L. Bable


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M.Sc., Ph.D.




D.N. Shinde


Research Projects  :


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